Why hire a professional 360 degree photographer ?

We have lived and breathed 360° photography and the technology that makes it possible. Our depth of experience has given us the years to hone our processes and have a strong command of the technology. We are proud to produce the most visually beautiful and user-friendly interactive content for our clients.

With the introduction of Matterport, we have embraced the technological evolution and fully integrated the power of the platform when applicable. VReal Tour’s creative and professional processes ensure that you get a great result from your virtual tour project.

Why produce a 360 degree virtual tour for your google my business profile ?

VReal tour has helped new and established businesses look great online . Google profiles thrive on content and by publishing high-quality visual content like 360° imagery, your profile rises above the competition.

The ultimate combination of visual content optimization is our full coverage package including both 360° interactive virtual tours and a set of still images. By publishing professionally produced content into these 2 buckets (360° and still images), you improve that crucial first impression of your company across Google. For the one-time production fee, your company will enjoy great branding and visual content for years on Google Search and Google Maps.

How long does the virtual tour capture process take ?

The Virtual Tour production experience with VReal Tour begins before we arrive on-site as we work with each client to prepare for success. We have the experience to help coach our clients on everything big and small that is necessary for a great virtual tour. On average we spend 1 to 2 hours on site to capture the footage needed to produce the virtual tours.

For larger properties, over 10,000 square foot, the capture process can take a bit longer. During the scheduling call, we will help you to find the best time that causes the least disruption for your day-to-day business. If necessary we can schedule early in the morning or late in the evening to ensure the best results.

What time of day is best for virtual tour photography ?

The most important factor to consider is when your facility looks it’s best. When choosing a time, think about when your team have the space sparkling clean and when customers are not present.

Do Matterport virtual tours have hosting fees ?

Yes, Matterport 3D Virtual Tours require a yearly hosting fee to maintain the content on Matterport’s proprietary system.

If your company has their own Matterport subscription, we can work out a price that includes content transfer.

How to use your virtual tour ?

For businesses, the typical use is a “virtual tour” link off of your homepage or embedded on an “about us” section. If you choose to publish your virtual tour to your Google Business listing, customers will be able to access the content through the photos sections.

Matterport virtual tours are typically embedded onto a website via iframe or placed into marketing platforms.

How to put my virtual tour into my own website ?
Following you’re your Virtual Tour photoshoot, we process all of the footage, build the interactive content and send you a proof for review.  Once approved, we build a collection of direct links and an “iframe” code that you can copy and paste directly onto a webpage.  The direct content links can be shared on Facebook and other social media outlets.  If you have purchased a photo package, we will provide 1-click links to download the image files in a ready-to-use .jpg format.

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