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To keep pace with the current technological development and to keep pace with the speed required for project implementation, While not sacrificing quality or design, it was necessary to have an innovative & simple but effective technical solutions To serve both the owner , developer , contractor , consultant and designer 

The biggest challenges facing every project from the day it is started to the day it is handed over are summarized in the following

1-Documenting & following up the activities on the site accurately, is one of the most important tasks for project management

We provide you with a virtual tour , which takes you to the site from the comfort of your office / home screen / mobile , to follow the progress and handing over of various activities .

2-The relationship of the plan /schedule with the reality of progress on the site is one of the biggest challenges of supervising and  implementation 

Comparing the schedule with the actual achievement on the ground is just a few touches away from your phone .

3-The quality of work and highlighting problems periodically is one of the most important roles & responsibilities of the supervising engineer

360 review help you Highlighting the problems on site & enables you to make decisions and plans to correct it in a timely manner, without the physical presence everywhere .

4-Make comparisons between the old and the new or actual vs design

Specifying the location and time stamp for each location in the project Comparing the works before and after by making a staged VR time sequence enables you to monitor and compare every major and minor change throughout the project lifetime , using the Innovative twin view techniceq .

5-Comparing the submitted executive plans, matching them with reality, and ensuring their quality

Through VR Xray technique , you will be able to see what has been implemented inside the walls & behind the closed spaces with the utmost clarity and accuracy. Making final handover reports for the site and matching what has been implemented with the original design a smooth straight forward operation.
Your success and superiority in all of the above provides you with accuracy and quality management and eventually reduces costs And raises the overall quality / performance standards in your company / office In addition to all of the above, these services are an important marketing and advertising tools for your company As it fascinates the customer with the modern and advanced methods used, in addition to being simple to use and available to everyone This highlights the excellence and transparency of the your company in management and supervision , which will be reflected in the quality and speed of projects in hand.
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